The Inspiration for the Design Concept of the Villa was the Location of the Plot itself. The longer side of the plot was facing north and has a main access road towards North.So the concept that emerged was to give each room a feel of Staying Close To Nature.

This was achieved by considering a huge balcony facing the Green Open space along with a wide opening towards North Side of the Bedrooms. Green wall in the Office creates a eye soothing feel in the backdrop during a VDO call.

Covered Skylight above the Spa creates a feel of bathing below the open sky. At night with star studded sky it gives a feel of oneness with the cosmos.

The Lift lobby glazing facing the North direction invites, uniform quality natural light throughout the day.

At Smartspace we treat everyproject uniquely and believe that it has its own characteristics.

We see to it that along with achieving the Aesthetics the utility of the Architecture and Interior is not compromised.

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