If you’re seeking the finest interior designers for 4 BHK luxury apartment in Pune, consider these tips to manage your budget effectively for the 4 BHK interior design.

  • Avoid Modular furniture. Good Reliable and Sturdy Modular Furniture will be more Expensive than Customized Furniture done on site. Cheaper Modular furniture can be less costly than Customized Furniture but also have their cons like cheaper quality material ,less life and less sturdy.
  • Avoid High end Sofas which can again be costlier than customized ones. Cheaper sofas are made of plywood or Pine wood frame and low Density Foam which will end up Sagging the sofa in few months’ time.
  • You are the only one who knows how much you want to spend on your 4Bhk  Flat. Fix a budget in advance and start with a detailed plan. Some research can help you fix a theme, types of paints, furniture, accessories, and other items. While you talk to an Architect/ interior designer, you can present your ideas and ask for a tentative quote for a fully furnished interior . If it is above your budget, you both can sit and work out what to keep and what to skip. 
  • Space planning and utilization of spaces properly is an important aspect to be considered. Breaking down internal walls if required should be done since its once in a time it will be done.
  • False ceilings add to the ambience of a room but full-fledged and elaborate ones can be very expensive. If you are thinking of incorporating false ceilings in every room of your 4 BHK apartment it can be cut down to only rooms where you want to create an Ambience. Also, plain gypsum false ceilings can be more cost-effective than decorative ones.
  • Paints cost less than wallpaper. Wallpapers have become integral to stylish interior designs but they are far more expensive than paints. There is a catch here though. Wallpapers may be costly but they turn out to be cost-effective in the long run because wallpapers last long, maybe, even for 10-15 years! Paint, on the other hand, may need retouching every two or five years.