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Our Projects are outcome of constant efforts of ‘out of the box thinking’

Residential Interior Design

The Interior spaces indirectly plays an important role in users psychology,& lifestyle.Keeping in mind this responsibility that almost two to three generations might be sharing the same space should live comfortably.Different design criteria like the clients culture,lifestyle ,profession etc is taken care in the design.

Commercial Interiors

The basic function of the commercial interior design and commercial architecture is to magnetize the public into it and retain into the space. The commercial interior design should be dynamic and should facilitate the daily changing trends in the market. This design philosophy makes our commercial spaces stand out among the commercial interior designers in pune.


The design philosophy we follow is that the bungalow design (architecture) and bungalow interior design should   blend with each other and the aesthetics should stand timeless.

The ongoing bungalow design projects include design elements like the water body, gazebo, bar area, family lounge, home theatres, multimedia room, sophisticated bathrooms, etc.

Smartspace – Best Interior Designers and Architects in Pune

Smart space architects team consists of one of the top interior designers in Pune.We believe in providing the customers with unique design experience in bungalow interior design, home interior design, hotel interior design, restaurant interior design, office interior design.Established in the year 2007, with a vision to provide Architecture & Interior design expertise combined, for projects,to simplify project coordination,decision making & to blend the exterior and the interior.

We value our clients design needs, provide effective & innovative solutions through systematic approach & implementation. We focus to achieve an innovative environment that signifies, client’s, values, brand identity, culture & lifestyle.

Client Testimonials

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