Kitchen Interior Design Tips

05 Mar Kitchen Interior Design Tips

This Blog will help you with some basic stuff you should know about Kitchen design if you going for entirely new kitchen interior or Renovating it for your Home.

Don’t get Simply Impressed and Carried away by the Look and feel of the Modular Kitchens Displayed in the Showrooms. You need to also, think about the stuff which you don’t see, and do some home work yourself to get the best Kitchen for yourself, since the lady of the house is the one who will spend most of her time in this Room.

Any Kitchen design is influenced by the Menu that is being cooked in it & the Menu is influenced by the Culture of the Family & Eating Habits.

So you have to be clear about the Menu and this information has to be passed on to the Interior Designer at first hand so that the Interior designer can go along with the Design process on the same track.

In this article I will help you with a Kitchen Design with a Typical Indian Menu, since it will benefit large number of Customers on the web.

There are altogether different standards to follow if you are going for an Indian Menu that is being cooked in the Kitchen.

Interior designers in Pune, Architects in Pune

Interior designers in Pune, Architects in Pune

Before the start of process of Kitchen Design, the Client has to give Inputs to the Interior Designer on following aspects.

  • Data which has to be handed over to the Interior Designer.(List of Items that Occupy the Kitchen space, along with Brand and Model No and Sizes,for e.g. Store area,Refrigerator,Flour maker, Food processor, Mixer Grinder,Owen,Cooking Range, Built in Owen,Hob,Cook top,Sink ,Dish Washer/Dish washing area. Hot water Geyser connection, Water filter, Chimney Etc)
  • Who will be using the Kitchen? (Maids/Client /Both).
  • Body Height of the end user.
  • Tentative Cooking menu like Maharashtria, South Indian,etc(Will it be Pure Veg/Non Veg)
  • Cooking Methods (Heavy Frying/Light frying)
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