Few Guidelines which will help you appoint a Right Interior designer for your project

16 Sep Few Guidelines which will help you appoint a Right Interior designer for your project


Make sure you are appointing a Technically Qualified Interior Designer for your project. There are Interior Design Courses which do not have any Minimum Qualification Eligibility criteria’s.

In Market there are many Interior Designers /Interior Design Firms practicing as Interior Designers in Pune who are practicing without any Technical Knowledge and Qualification .Customers are easily attracted to hire such non qualified Interior Designers in Pune since they charge very less Fess as compared to Qualified Interior Designers.


Following is the List in Ascending Order, of the Qualification (Technical knowledge)

  1. Interior Designer with- 1 Year course after 10 th. (Private Institute)
  2. Interior Designer with – 3 Year Course after 10th. (Private Institute)
  3. Interior Designer with – 3 Year Course after 12th. (From University)
  4. Interior Designer with – 4 Year Course after 12th.(Degree From University)
  5. Architect & Interior Designer – 5 Year Course after 12th. (Degree From University)

What Is the Difference between an Architect & an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer:

A person who is Qualified to be an Interior Designer (D.Id,B.Id).

A qualified Interior Designer can practice as a free lancer since; he/she does not have to register with any Government Authority and does not hold a License to Practice. A Qualified Interior Designer Who has the knowledge of Interior related Material, Ergonomics of Design, Aesthetics, Interior Design standards Etc.For Example the Person who is responsible for Designing Furniture, selection of wall colors, floor finishes, false ceiling, curtains.Who is responsible for  Bungalow Interior Design ,Home Interior Design, Hotel Interior Design, Bank interior Design, Office Interior design Etc.


A person who is Qualified to be an Architect (B.Arch,M.Arch ).

A graduate in Architecture gets a Degree after completing a 5 Year Degree Course in Architecture. A Practicing Architect is registered with The Council of Architecture, New Delhi and hold a License to Practice all over India.   An Architect has the Knowledge of Designing Buildings, Structures etc (The Outer Shell) along with Interior Design. Who can Visualize Space, who has the knowledge about Building Material ,Interior related Material, Ergonomics of Design, Aesthetic Standards , Interior Design Standards Etc .For Example the Person Who Designs Bungalows , Hospitals, Commercial complexes, Institutional buildings, apartments, along with its Interiors. There is a number of nationally and internationally recognized Architects in Pune.

 Want to know how, to appoint the Best Interior Designers in Pune?

For Example if we consider any Residential Interior Project (Complete Interior) of a two bedroom Apartment, the Cost of Interior starts from, not than 10 Lakhs  up to Appx 35 Lakhs, depending upon the Scope of Work ,quality and type of Material used.

Its at the Risk of the Client to appoint someone who is not technically capable of understanding Material Properties, Ergonomics of Design, Aesthetics, Anthropometric Interior Design standards Etc. and get the work done. The results can be Fatal if the Interior is not Designed and Executed properly.

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